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220 Northwest 8th Avenue
Portland, OR, 97209
United States

Portland based amateur photographer and biker racer. Sharing pictures and musings as I dabble in photography and try to race my bike.



Working stiff, Belgian beer lover, coffee snob, novice photographer and weekend racer.


Wade Hewitt

Photography is a hobby for me but I'm still a human and desire recognition.  This desire for recognition has fueled the growth of social media.  I'm as guilty as the next guy, I put my photos on Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Tumblr...... hoping that they get noticed.  Funny how a like from someone that I don't know is important.  I like to tell myself that I'm not one of "those guys" that puts every photo the take up on the internet.  Some discretion is involved, honestly.   

I know that you should do things for yourself, strive to grow and not worry about what other people think.  Easier said than done.  While I'm trying to figure out my style sharing and looking at photos from other people helps me come up with new ideas and grow.  Additionally, there is that little inner voice that keeps hoping that I will be "discovered" some day and be a great photographer.  I'm not quitting my day job but a guy and hope right?

Two weeks ago I was contacted by someone at the Los Angeles Times about using one of my photos in their Southern California Moments section.  This is where they highlight pictures of SoCal curated through their Flickr page.  Hundreds of photos are submitted and they pick one a day.  It's not like getting on the main page of the paper but it's still an accomplishment, at least it is for me.  What I like even more is that the photo they picked wasn't your typical crisp bright sports closeup shot but rather a grainy moving black and white image.  The fact that they picked something that I feel is my style makes me feel good and pushes me to keep trying to get better.

You can see my 2 seconds of fame here LA Times Southern California Moments.