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Portland based amateur photographer and biker racer. Sharing pictures and musings as I dabble in photography and try to race my bike.

Top Adventures of 2017


Working stiff, Belgian beer lover, coffee snob, novice photographer and weekend racer.

Top Adventures of 2017

Wade Hewitt

In 2017, I rediscovered my love of wilderness adventures. I've always enjoyed hiking and exploring but last year, with the help of many new friends, I was able to push my limits and see exciting new places. I learned many new lessons like: hiking 1 mile off-trail might be only marginally faster than sitting still; there is no such thing as bad weather — just bad clothing choices; Devil's Club is one evil plant not to be messed with; and nothing beats waterfalls and green moss in the Pacific Northwest.

With so many places to explore and new things to try I know that there will be many more adventures in my future.  These are the trips that helped push my boundaries and charted new territories. Thanks to everyone that gave me advice and pushed me to try new things! Here's a quick look back on some of my favorite adventures of last year.

Snowshoeing to Falls Creek Falls

Rush Creek Falls

Cussed Hollow

Caving - Falls Creek Cave and Dead Horse Cave

Three Corner Falls

Summiting Mount St. Helens (You always remember your first)

Helion Creek