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Portland based amateur photographer and biker racer. Sharing pictures and musings as I dabble in photography and try to race my bike.

The Art of the Coffee Ride


Working stiff, Belgian beer lover, coffee snob, novice photographer and weekend racer.

The Art of the Coffee Ride

Wade Hewitt

Sometimes cyclists tend to take themselves too seriously.  I have to admit that I'm guilty of this.  I want to race and do well, so I focus on training and having the right gear.  That means getting up early and riding by myself in the dark just so I don't miss a training ride.  I'm also not afraid to walk into my local coffee shop wearing lycra looking like an idiot.

Being so serious can sap all the fun out of riding a bike, so from time to time we need to step back and remember why we ride.  Riding is just plain fun and it makes you feel like a kid again.  In my case, a kid with some grey hair but a kid nonetheless.  Enter the Coffee Ride.  The Coffee Ride is basically just a ride to the coffee shop where you can just chat with friends over an easy ride and a coffee.  Sometimes we take this to the extreme and try to see what crazy things we can see along the way.

Hope you enjoy some of the crazy things that I see on my Coffee Rides.